Botlang is a Twitter bot that is inventing its own language.

Botlang learns from interaction via Twitter. Whenever someone tweets at Botlang, it looks up the words in their tweet in its dictionary and generates new Bottish translations for any English words that don't have a translation yet, then responds with the original tweet translated into Bottish.*

Botlang uses a carefully chosen orthography and a small set of word-generation rules to translate English words into their Bottish equivelants. The rules goven how plurals are handled, how many syllables the word has, and what constitutes a valid syllable.

Botlang is written in Python, using the pattern library for language parsing and the twitterbot library for Twitter API interaction. The source code for Botlang is on GitHub.

* Please note that the translator available on this site does NOT add new word definitions to the Botlang database if they don't already exist. The only way to contribute in this manner is via Twitter.